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The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the urgent need to address many issues, including health, education and environmental, and especially for those underserved or disadvantaged.

Technology is an essential tool to help us accelerate solutions to these challenges. 

Societal and environmental issues in disadvantaged areas do not have the access to technological tools or qualitative support solutions that would help solve them. The Tech for Life hub gives voice to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow within these communities, in France and internationally.

The need to have a local footprint to address tangible issues is key to the success of the Tech For Life Hub.


Our pilot project is launched with the city of PANTIN, France.




The Tech For Life Summit is an initiative powered by humain.


Real time innovative discussions and responses to pressing challenges by applying top minds, tech & ethical ai to problem solve on topics related to Climate Change and Human Resiliency. Join the summit and first The Robot Of The Year hackathon.

The goal of the summit series is to create a worldwide community to address urgent matters in the environment, education and health sectors exacerbated by Climate Change, and a pressing need to advance human resiliency. Tech For Life events and workshops will take place every quarter involving key thought leaders and innovators to discuss specific topics. Events will embed The Robot Of The Year hackathon to allow participants to create technology and standards to solve the issue highlighted. The annual Summit will convene thought leaders from around the world to bring the people and companies redefining the global tech industry to address human resilience, and planetary stewardship.

A portion of the tickets sales are distributed to humain

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